Abstract Submission

Thank you for registering for ChemCYS 2020

ChemCYS is known for its high level of active participation. Once you have finished the registration process, the next logical step is the submission of an abstract for either an oral or poster presentation. In the following sections you will find the necessary information to successfully submit an abstract and have it peer-reviewed.


Step 1: Logging in on the ChemCYS website

During the registration process you were asked to choose a username and password. Click the “log in” icon in the top right corner of the ChemCYS website and enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, use the provided username/password recovery tools. In case of trouble please use the support ticket system to contact the organising committee. This will enable an adequate solution and prevents other participants from experiencing the same issues.


Step 2: Finding the abstract submission tool

Once logged in, a new tab will appear in the ChemCYS main menu: “My profile”. In this tab you can review your personal information and start the abstract submission process.


Step 3: Formatting the abstract

Enter the title, authors and author affiliations in the provided fields. This will allow a uniform formatting of all submitted abstracts.

The body of the abstract can be submitted in any form taking into account the guidelines listed below.

You are able to include one figure in the abstract. Examples include, but are not limited to: graphical abstracts, reaction schemes, SEM images or graphs. Using the scaling tool you can decrease the figure's size if neccesary.


Abstract guidelines

To guarantee a valid submission, please be sure that:

  • the entire abstract fits on one page (A5 paper). Please be aware that this does include illustrations. Please use the preview function for verification.
  • your registration has been completed by paying the requested registration fee. Please review our general conditions regarding our refund policy in case your abstract was not accepted for oral presentation.

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